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Women's Center of Excellence

The physicians and staff at Main Line Endoscopy Centers are considered by many to be a colon cancer screening center of excellence for women.

Main Line Endoscopy Centers participate in Main Line Gastroenterology Associates' "Women to Women" Program. The program was started based on the idea that only 60 percent of at-risk women have had a colonoscopy in the United States. That's compared to 80 percent of women that have annual mammograms and pap smears.

See below dates for our next Women's Day:

  • June 25
  • August 1
  • September 30

To request information for Women Only Screening Days, call (610) 482-4529.

Throughout the year, the team at Main Line Endoscopy Centers select specific dates that are open only for women to have their colon cancer screening.

On Women Only Screening Days, the physicians and staff at the center are all women. The hope is that having an all-woman staff helps to ease any anxiety that you may have about this life-saving procedure. 

The staff at Main Line Endoscopy Centers understand that a colon cancer screening is an intimate and personal procedure. We aim to set our patients at ease and allow them to focus on their health and cancer prevention.

Female Gastroenterologists at Main Line Endoscopy Centers

Main Line Endoscopy Centers are proud to have a female gastroenterologist performing endoscopy procedures at each of the three Main Line Endoscopy Center locations.

Working Directly with Gynecologists

At Main Line Endoscopy Centers, we understand that most women have very hectic schedules. That's why we offer our Open Access Colonoscopy Program.

Through this program, women can be scheduled promptly for their screening colonoscopy with a simple referral from their gynecologist or women's health specialist. In healthy women, you may be able to skip your initial consultation with the gastroenterologist, thus, saving you an additional appointment and a co-pay.